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Due to the difficult nature of shipping heavy-oversized items we are always working hard to find the best shipping rates and provide accurate quotes for all residential deliveries around all major hubs across Canada. 

If you are located in a remote/rural area in Canada, you may be contacted after you place an order if additional shipping is required. You may choose to pay the additional cost or if you prefer not to pay the additional shipping cost we can promptly refund you order.




Residential or Commercial? Residential delivery will always be more expensive.

  1. Do you require a tailgate delivery or do you have a forklift or a loading dock?

  2. If residential, is someone home between 9-5 business hours to receive delivery, or do you require an appointment delivery?

  3. Do you have a truck to unload the delivery or pick up at the nearest freight terminal? (Hold for Pick Up)

    1. This option will often save an individual anywhere from $100-$120 the regular residential delivery charge​

  4. Please consider the following options to reduce your shipping costs

    • Hold for Pickup at the closest freight terminal (Determined by Irwin Fitness terminal locator click here)

    • Receiving your product at your business location preferably with a forklift or loading doc

    • Off-loading the product into a truck (if you have access)

When you select the terminal pickup option during the checkout process, if there are no terminals listed close by feel free to send us an email to see how we can help. There may be a closer location provided by a different carrier. 

We are here to offer assistance, and want to help you save!

For US Based Customers



We are very happy to announce that we can now ship throughout the United States. We have negotiated a flat rate price for shipments heading down south where they can be picked up at terminal locations by our customers. These terminal locations are found in most major cities and can be found here. There will be no COD upon delivery, we will take care of everything on our end to make your life easy. What you pay now is the final price (excluding taxes in your state, we will not charge taxes this will be up to the IRS to collect).

Flat Rate Shipping 


The flat rate shipping charge of $475 CAD/$377USD with our carrier YRC Freight for LTL shipments headed to the U.S. This flat rate covers the full shipment cost including all broker fees and bond fees associated with importing product. This flat rate is strictly limited to just YRC Freight terminal locations. This means the customer will be required to drive and pickup at the nearest terminal location. Please check the link here prior to ordering for nearest location.


You may unpackage the order at the terminal, load into your truck/SUV and leave the pallet there (if you don't know how to dispose of oversized pallets at home). Orders will typically be available for pickup faster than they would be ready for delivery. 

If we are unable to fit your entire order onto one pallet then we will contact you and come up with a solution. It is typically no issue to fit an entire rack & bench onto one pallet. The more on a pallet the more you save.

We can set you up for home delivery if you send us a message prior to ordering, there will just be a surcharge attached to the flat rate. 


Irwin Fitness Supply will be providing Customs Brokerage services via Noatum Logistics. If you would like to utilize your own U.S. based import Customs Broker, we can provide documentation and paperwork required for cross border shipments to you and your Broker in advance of shipment. For freight (LTL) shipments entering the U.S from Canada you will be required to provide your IRS number to Noatum Logistics to in order to clear the shipment. Packages being shipped via parcel (UPS) do not require such information.

Please note that cross border shipments may incur Duties and Taxes, and Irwin Fitness is not responsible for the costs and surcharges associated by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in the United States.

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