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After hours of designing and testing, we present to you our latest addition to the IFS product line... The T-47 Lever Arm Kit.

Lever arms were first introduced to the market a few years ago and have transformed the way we workout.

With a set of Lever Arms, you can greatly increase the versatility of your rack, without taking up any additional floor space. Imagine one rack attachment that allows you to perform a multitude of exercises, including bilateral and unilateral movements, bench presses on a weight bench, incline presses, shoulder presses, shrugs, car deadlifts, snatches, hip thrusts, and even belt squats.

With the T-47 Lever Arm Kit, your training options are only limited by your creativity!


Lever Arms give you the ability to perform dynamic and explosive lifting movements, with far greater stability and control than free weights. At the center of all athlete development is power, and our design allows coaches to  build a fully customizable set up in both bilateral and unilateral selections. In addition, the versatility allow coaches to place their athletes in opportune positions with relative joint angles, enhancing their ability to maintain proper form throughout the intended range of motion.

At Irwin Fitness, our Lever Arms are built to be versatile, safe and save you space in any gym.



Switching between exercises should be a quick and simple transition. Less time spent for setup means you can maintain your focus and momentum throughout your entire workout.


We've heard from our customer-base, and the ability to quickly change the height of the trolley is a game charger not yet seen on the market. Our T-47 trolley arms utilize a 1” twist-loc pin that snaps and retracts, with a 180 degree turn, disengaging the trolley system and allowing you to freely slide the trolley up or down on the upright. Directly across from the locking pin, is a nickel coated (knurled) handle. The center of gravity on the trolley system is towards the front, as the handle and 3x3” arm pulls the unit forward.

Our side mounted handle and twist-loc pin allow for a much smoother user experience.



The hardest part about designing something with this many moving parts is keeping the trolley secure to the upright and removing any side to side play. This is a high end piece of equipment, and we believe it should feel like one. Our new design solves the issues many other trolley systems are plagued with. 


We use high-end components, machining key components in-house in order to produce a unique product, unlike any other. This gives us the creative freedom to design what's best for you, instead of creating a design around what is readily available.​

  • Each trolley has (4) machine acetal rollers with machined DOM bushings to allow them to glide smoothly up and down the uprights.

  • Our bronze bushings are press fit into the main pivot joint, which rotates on a 1” machined pin.

  • The side plates are cut from 5/16” plate steel and the lever arms are built from our standard 3x3” 11-gauge steel.

  • Each handle has a stainless loading pin with 12 inches of useable length, and a ¾” rubber washer which acts as a spacer between the metal and your weight plates.

  • Each trolley system comes standard with (2) magnetic pins inserted into the back of the trolley as a secondary safety feature.

  • On the handles, you will find a machined hand-turn nut and pin (replacing the standard hitch pin), as well as a rubber bumper to secure to the inside of the lever arm, preventing any damage to your rack when returning the arm into the neutral position.

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