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Irwin Fitness started with a welder who has a passion for fitness and the desire to bring manufacturing back to Canada.

That drive, and a long-standing fabrication background, helped to design and build the first Irwin Fitness at-home squat and bench rack with some scrap metal and a stick welder. It wasn't anything special in appearance, but it did the job. 

For the first month, we had maybe maybe 10 orders. Each component of the squat racks were cut with an angle grinder. The flat bar was cut to length and the j-cups were formed in a jig made using a 10-ton shop press. The uprights you see today were all drilled by hand. It was a long, labor-intensive process, but Garth, our founder, loved every second of it. 


As word of mouth began to spread Irwin Fitness started to grow. It was becoming too much work to keep up with orders. All we could think about was how can we elevate our products and take things to the next level. From the very beginning it has always been how can provide the most amount of value our customers. 


Our solution: laser cut materials and tubing. Working closely with a local business we are able to now build equipment using precisely cut flat and tube laser parts. This was a game changer, it allowed us to separate ourselves from other manufacturers offering unique features such as numbered uprights, custom height racks in record time.


It didn't take long for us to outgrow our first at-home shop which was roughly 600sqft, and within our first six months, we were renting our first commercial space.

November 1st  2021, we purchased a small 1300sq/ft. shop in Carman Mb, and now have plans in motion to build a 6000sq/ft. showroom/manufacturing facility to further expand Irwin Fitness.


We can't thankyou our community enough for all the support from the very beginning. We may be a small family business but we have big ambitious goals!

" ABILITY is what you're capable of doing, MOTIVATION determines what you do, ATTITUDE determines how well you do it "



As in any small business, success is built upon relationships. Our mission is to provide quality fitness equipment backed with the promise of trust, knowledge, and leading-edge design. Irwin Fitness takes pride in the relationships we have with our customers and we continually strive to produce a broad selection of first-class functional training equipment to support our customers in reaching their goals. 

Irwin Fitness is gaining momentum at a notably fast pace. We promise to continue to work around the clock to develop new products, so that we can be an all-inclusive fitness provider. 


Thank you!

We owe a lot to our amazing customers. From the very start, we've been able to build long lasting relationships. Word of mouth is what we were built on, and we pride ourselves in providing a unique customer buying experience, with the best customer service in the industry. We promise to continue innovating and serving you with the best equipment you can find.

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